At the foot of Mount Olympus and just 5 km from the coast of Pieria is the ancient Dion, the holy city of the Macedonians in a wooded area, which is flooded. The excavation findings show that Dion covers an uninterrupted life of 1000 years, from the 5th c. e.g. until the 5th c. A.D.

Ancient Greek writers inform us that the Macedonians gathered in Dion to honor the Olympian gods at regular intervals with sacrifices and votive offerings. Here the king Archelaus at the end of the 5th c. e.g. organized sports and stage competitions, while Philip celebrated glorious victories in Dion and Alexander, starting for the great campaign, sacrificed to Olympus Zeus.

The holy city of the Macedonians is falling into ruins that are covered under the soil of the Macedonian land.